Ground engagement tooling

The safe locking system for ground engaging tools hammerless on and hammerless off!

The patented Talon Lockjaw system is a safe and simple solution. A revoutionary system that actively draws and separates Point from Adaptor, or Shroud from Lip eliminating the need for the use of hammers to fit and remove GET.

Utilising a standard 3/4 inch square drive socket, the GET is solidly secured in place by rotating the lock clockwise. When the GET is ready to be replaced rotate the Lock in the anti-clockwise direction by hand, air,or battery power impact driver. This action actively pushes the GET off the Adaptor or Lip

Point or Shroud, the Locking system is the same and comes delivered attached to the GET ready to use.

Talon GET can also offer a range of quality cast products for a total wear package so solution for your buckets, by providing Weld on Heel Shrouds and pin on Wing Shrouds.

Talon Heel Shrouds are cast from TA1O, a proven high wear material spec designed for abrasive conditions. All Talon Heel Shrouds are designed with a corner relief and extra thickness through the primary wear zone.

Our Talon Product

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