Health and Safety

Safety is paramount in everything we do.

Our safety related policies and procedures are aligned with our Safety Management Plan and has been implemented with the prime aim to ensure the highest standards of safe and meticulous engineering, fabrication/fitting and on-site work practices.

Our Safety philosophy is based on ethical conduct, mutual trust and teamwork. To ensure continuous improvement, the standards of excellence will be challenged, tested, re-evaluated and continually raised. We believe that all incidents can be prevented and we demand total commitment from everyone on the Project to perform every task safely to achieve zero incidents and to remove all conditions that could lead to harm.

We have introduced a state of the art online Induction system which has been specifically catered for Regal. This system has been designed to identify all potential hazards associated with Regal’s work processes, whilst providing an incite into Regal’s Safety management system and associated documentation.

Our focus is to achieve high quality workmanship in a timely manner and, above all, to perform every task safely. Regal has developed and implemented the necessary policies, procedure and management systems to perform all off-site and onsite work safely, effectively and to all applicable standards, regulations and Client minimum requirements, e.g corporate policies, safety management system, including but not limited to all applicable Safe Work Procedures (SWP), JHAs, SDSs. Our Safety Management Plan and associated policies, procedures, documents and forms are online for use by our employees at any location.

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