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Regal Engineering July 13th, 2016

New Victaulic Products

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This month has been very busy for the Regal Victaulic products.

Marcus has been working alongside Victaulic to ensure that we provide the best possible information and installation of their products, they are currently in the process of mapping the rest of the line to set a reliable supply for the client.

Victaulic has expanded their product offering introducing two new innovative products to their range Refuse-to fuse and the Knife Gate Valve.


Victaulic has developed a new joining method for high density polyethylene pipe (HDPE) that eliminates the need to fuse. The Refuse-to-Fuse system keeps it simple and takes it back to the basics.

  • No complex fusing equipment required
  • Standard socket wrench or impact driver will do the job
  • No capital purchase or maintenance of expensive fusing equipment required

The Refuse-to-Fuse system cuts crew on site downtime so you can finish projects ahead of schedule.

  • Installs up to 10x faster than fusing
  • Save time with no heating or cooling pipe ends
  • Save time with no fusing equipment prep
  • Installs in places where fusing equipment can’t reach

Victaulic Refuse To Fuse


The industry’s first in-line maintenance knife gate valve

Victaulic have developed the first knife gate valve that can be maintained in-line without having to disconnect the valve from the piping system and dragging it to the boneyard for repair or rebuild. This new concept only takes 5% of the time you normally need during scheduled maintenance, cutting downtime to the bone. The only wear parts on the valve are contained in to a single cartridge kit and can be easily removed and replaced in minutes.

This valve can be maintained up to 95% faster when compared to competitor gate valves. Saving on hours of labor by not having to secure and tear out the entire valve from the pipeline.

Safety features include; reduced rigging during maintenance protecting your crew from hazards.

No chains, pulleys or ropes are required during maintenance for this valve. All you need are simple hand tools to get the job done.

The Knife gate will valve will be released in Australia in the next couple of months. 

For more information on these products or other products within the range, feel free to contact Marcus on 0427 875 756 or

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