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Regal Engineering April 12th, 2016

Autism Awareness Month

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April is a very special month in our calendar – Autism Awareness Month. I would like to share with you how autism has touched my family and I am sure that you may have a similar story, or you may know someone who has.

On the 11th of November 2011 one of our beautiful little boys arrived in the world, a kind, sensitive and caring little man by the name of Benjamin George Bennetto. As Benjamin grew there was something unique about our little boy, he was spelling, writing and completing math puzzles at 18 months old. He was unable to express or communicate with both my wife and I though, his frustrations of this was a tell sign of the possibility he was autistic. Soon after that we spoke to our GP who referred us to another organisation the Autism Association of Western Australia where not long after he was diagnosed with level 3 Autism Spectrum.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (“Autism”) is a lifelong developmental disability that is neurological in origin. Previously, these disorders were categorised as Autistic Disorder, Asperger Syndrome and Pervasive Developmental Disorder (NOS). An estimated 1 in 160 people to 1 in 100 people has Autism. It usually becomes apparent before a child is three years old. It is characterised by impairments in social interaction and communication, as well as restricted interests and stereotyped behaviour. Autism impacts on a child’s development in a number of key areas.

our boy BenI would love to give clear kudos to my wife, Kristen -her support, assistance, love and development in learning how to assist in Benjamin’s growth is nothing short of outstanding.

Our beautiful little boy is growing by the minute and learning faster than the road runner! His enthusiasm for life and family makes a parent so proud to be his father. I would also like to recognise the Full Circle Team in Kalgoorlie especially Deb, and Alex at the Autism Association of Western Australia Shenton Park.

My wife and I are forever grateful to the people that have supported us in this journey of having our little boy, Ben.

On 2nd April, the sails of the Sydney Opera House were lit a beautiful blue for the 6th consecutive year to mark the United Nations World Autism Awareness Day. Part of a global awareness campaign, the Opera House is the first building to turn blue each year, followed by iconic landmarks around the globe including the Empire State Building, Arc de Triomphe, the Pyramids of Egypt and many more.

Each day in April Autism Australia will introduce you to Australians on the autism spectrum and telling you a little about who they are, what they love and what makes them…..well them.  Keep in touch by visiting

In WA, Autism Awareness week is 2nd – 8th April, but here at Regal, we are celebrating the whole month. I’m asking for support from our community to make a small donation of $2 upwards, tax deductible in Australia, or make a donation to your Autism support centres across the world and send me an email. With the support of Regal Engineering & Line Boring we will purchase play equipment for new facilities in East Fremantle which forms part of the Early Intervention Program.

We will be attending and sponsoring RIU Resources Round-Up in Sydney on 11th and 12th May at the Sofitel Wentworth – come and visit us at Booth 38. I’ll also be taking the opportunity of visiting our Sydney clients during that week.

Best wishes and see you when I am on the road.


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