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Regal Engineering July 13th, 2016

Aury and Regal

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Aury Australia has been supplying Capital and Consumables Products on the East Coast of Australia for the last 6 years and through some very difficult economic times.

Aury Double Deck ScreenIn saying that Aury has seen some significant growth during this period due to our reliable, robust product range that is manufactured at our ISO9001 manufacturing facility.

The clients that we have won over have been very disappointed with the pricing structure of some of our competitors and now see some real day to cost savings of the running of their plants when choosing the Aury Brand.

During our short 4 month alliance with Regal Engineering we are seeing a sway in momentum in the Goldfields and surrounding areas. This has happened quite quickly and after only a couple of joint visits to some mine sites we have received many enquiries.

These enquiries range from New Capital Equipment to replacement Vibrating Screens. Our team of Engineers design the “new” to fit into existing footprints without any modification to plant or process. This is completed with ease and is a lot more competitive in price. We also have the ability to refurbish our competitor’s equipment at the Kalgoorlie Regal Workshop.

There has also been some great interest in the consumable range (Screening Media Vibrating and Tromells, Wedge Wire Products, Intertank Screens etc.). These products are now proven reliable all around the world and into most Mineral Processing Plants. This includes Gold, Coal, Sand, Tin and Iron Ore which has attracted some real interest from some of our local Gold and Iron Ore Mines.

The future vision for Aury and Regal is to have a partnership that will be surrounded by people who care, focus on customer service and have expertise on a quality product that will benefit all Processing facilities. “A vision of which we are well on our way to achieving”.

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